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The islands of Hawai’i are plagued by the misuse of public money. We should focus our resources towards funding our police and investigative agencies to combat corruption from within our Government. It has to be more than just me standing up. WE THE PEOPLE have to stand for Hawai’i now! It’s going to take each and every one of us as a citizen to stand together. WHY? If we go to a corrupt government to fix corrupt issues… of course they are going ignore us and say, “everything is fine.”


I’m here to motivate all of us to do more! If we all get involved and do a little more today, we will have a little more tomorrow for our keiki and future generations to come.

Being involved in this community for over the past decade has given me insight to foresee the direction we are headed. In this time I've seen CRIME increase at an alarming rate AND promises not kept by the people in charge. We are in need for new leadership, a fresh perspective, and a real change! My incumbent, your current sitting senator is asking you to choose the same, same, and same again. They have had a chance for six decades to choose better policy and solutions. I’m talking about the in-action and doctrine of the Democrat Party. It is time for change and a breath of fresh air! This will not happen if the same power is in power! If they could have done it, they would have done it.

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Hawai'i has the highest homeless per capita rate in the nation. We have to secure funds to programs which help direct the houseless on a path back to life off the streets. We have to create other "crawl, walk, and run" programs to help them sustain these housing opportunities. Through this process of overcoming drug addiction and supplementing their mental health, we will give them the resources to dream again and feel like an asset to society.

"Houselessness" is a term I use, because I believe everybody has a HOME with God, the Creator of our Universe. Home is where the heart is and my heart is with Jesus Christ. Our campaign is sensitive to all situations we face as a community, and intentionally give room for every voice to be heard and welcomed here.


Hawai'i is the only state where all school boards are appointed with no parental involvement. We should seek to get parents involved in their children's education, offer a voucher program, and get the uninion out of school policy. For example, "Common Core" is a good theory, but because of its vague wording of curriculum - over the last decade, programs like SEL have been able to creep into the standards of learning, therefore being used as indoctrination by the system. This "system" has its own agenda, and I believe its intent is evil. Maybe the people enforcing it are blind to it themselves, maybe not? Either way we must approach with grace.


Sometimes the State Senate might need to ignore a bill or create one to supersede. I will do whatever it takes to bring awareness and shine light into this subject, so collectively we can get to the truth. The truth is, SCHOOL is not a surrogate parent, replacement parent, or even a co-parent.

Early Childhood education, if done correctly will help stablize families and bring us out of poverty. Growing our keiki into leaders of society  will create new internal orders that will externally produce prosperity and produce a system that will continue to create freedom, security, and civility. I am talking about strong education, which is more than learning knowledge and skills… Quality Education is also teaching Strong Character, Civility, and Work Ethic Development. This is what will lead to low corruption rates, a society of people who respect the rules, and will create a better home for us here on the islands. If this is done well, it will lead to a healthy respect for rules and order within society. 


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