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We encourage YOU to vote!

Click here to visit Hawai'i government page and register to vote in just a few minutes!

Did you receive a  mail-in ballot for the August Primary Election? If not, the state has you incorrectly registered. Update your Voter Registration now and make sure your address on file is current.

Your VOTE Matters

If you are a first time voter, or still wanting to register to vote, the good news is, you still have time! Time to empower yourself and create the change you want to see!

Vote in person if possible! We encourage you to step away from legacy voting and vote where your spirit aligns. Please take the time to study the people, study their policy, and then vote with confidence!

Make a Difference

Who's excited for high gas prices? Who's excited for high taxes?

Whos excited for expensive groceries?

If you're anything like me, thats a big NO on all three! The actions of the State Government affects our daily lives, therefore our VOTE is even more important because who we VOTE for is who will represent our voice and best interests at the capitol. 

YOU can Help

It takes tremendous community support to achieve political goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. Politics is about people, and most importantly we thank you, WE THE PEOPLE, for your support and strength. Wether you want to help plan the next community gathering, join our team, or would simply like to make a monetary contribution to Friends of Blake Boyd... at the very least we ask and encourage you to VOTE IN-PERSON. Below are the locations on Oahu where we can vote in-person. Mahalo nui loa for your vote!

Other place to deposit ballots on Oahu:

George Fred Wright Wahiawa District Park (Ceramics Room)

1129 Kilani Ave. Wahiawa, HI 96786

Early In-Person Voting only (No General Election Day voting)

November 1st 2022 through November 5th 2022 [Tuesday - Saturday (11:00 am to 6:30 pm)]

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